Hi there! Welcome to my beloved blog!
This tiny space on the internet is called Nathalie Van Hauwe, as it’s my name of course.  I’ve been doing this “blog thing” on and off for 4 years now, but still love every part of it.
I’m a 19 years old International Journalism student living in Mechelen, Belgium. My biggest aspiration is to be a “big time magazine editor”, living in a cosy apartment in London and traveling the world while at it.

I’ve got an enormous passion for fashion, photography, writing and traveling, so those will be the things that you’ll get to see on my blog. I love sharing stories and little parts of my life as well as making memories to look back on myself.

Social media can be a b*tch, but I also love it to death – Instagram preferably – I can spend hours posting pictures but also obsessing over how great other people are at it.
Well, now you know some things about me you can go ahead and enjoy the other stuff on this site!
And hey, a kind word doesn’t hurt a person, so be nice.

Questions can and will be answered here: vanhauwenathalie@gmail.com