Sicily: travel diary

It’s been a few weeks, since my trip to Sicily. So, I thought it was about time to share my travel diary! 5 amazing days in my favorite country: Italia. This year my mom and I decided to enjoy some Island vibes and went to Sicily. We went to the south part and rented a car for the week. That way we were able to experience multiple cities or monuments per day. Although it was pretty sad to find out that our rental car wasn’t a Fiat 500, like we asked for, we still enjoyed the ride. I really had to contain myself when picking out which photo’s to use for this post, but here’s what it came down to.
We arrived in Sicily around midnight so our first day whole day there was actually our second day of the vacay. The first day we went to Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla. We stayed in a hotel in Marina di Ragusa, so it was very nearby. The city and old town were so breathtaking and looked as if they were untouched. It was very calm, because it happened to be a Sunday and most stores were closed. We had the whole day to explore and even got on to one of those very touristy little trains.

Our second day was spent exceptionally well. After a 3 hour drive, we arrived in Taormina, a city a little higher up in the mountains. Very close to it was the Etna, the famous volcano that’s still active until this day. The temperature decreased from 37 to 11 degrees Celsius when going up the Etna. Bringing a jacket there was one of the best ideas, as we made a hike when we arrived at the very top.

On the third day of our vacation we made a short trip to Modica, the city of chocolate. Again we took one of the touristy train, because we were just too overheated – and lazy – to walk around the whole city ourselves. Btw, I spotted the cutest yellow Fiat 500 ever(!!!)

Two destinations in one?! Yes, it’s possible and it happened. We had the opportunity to make a day trip/excursion to Malta. The journey only took 2 hours by ferry. Every corner of Malta was beautiful, it had a lot of Arabic and Spanish influences in architecture and language.
Last but not least, our very last day on the Island of Sicily we just chilled at the hotel and took in every pretty detail of the town while walking along the coastline.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! X